Carol Dight
Director, Alamac Nursing, which helps health and social care teams deliver safer patient care and improve performance

Carol has had a very varied career in the NHS, training as a nurse in Bristol in the 1980s. Her clinical specialties include trauma and orthopaedics, minor injuries, neurology and general/acute surgery.

She has worked in a wide variety of clinical settings including theatres, day surgery and ward environments and has undertaken senior nursing roles in both Primary and Secondary Care.

Since 2003, Carol has worked in senior nursing and management roles at Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton. In 2011, she moved into the role of Divisional Director for the planned Care Division and subsequently into the Director of Operations role across the whole Hospital.

From October 2012 she operated in the dual role of Director of Operations and Director of Nursing and was appointed as Director of Nursing and Governance in April 2013.

Carol joined Alamac as the Director of Nursing in October 2015. She cares passionately about patients and their care in every setting, believing that ‘the little things matter’ and that continuing to work in a team environment alongside the NHS will deliver benefits to staff and most importantly to patients.

She enjoys outdoor life with animals, especially chickens!