Delivering better end of life care
more efficiently in Somerset

'Fit for Future' is a community-wide review that will lead the way in modernising care for people with life-limiting illnesses. This is the first review of its kind.

An ageing population and funding cuts are putting significant pressure on our healthcare systems. These challenges represent a significant opportunity to look at what we are currently doing and how we can do things better.

The review is being led by St. Margaret's Hospice, one of the biggest palliative care providers in the UK. Last year we cared for over 3,200 people. Supporting St. Margaret's is a specialist panel of experts, chaired by Lord Ashdown, and including national charities Macmillan Cancer Care and palliative care charity Marie Curie.

The 'Fit for Future' review has concluded its formal consultation and will now consider recommendations. 

Fit 4 Future

Doing nothing isn't an option. 'Fit for Future' is designed to take care into a new era, characterised by innovative ideas and technological advances. We need it to more than meet the demographic and financial demands that it will experience.

Source: ITV News West Country

Why Somerset?

We have one of the largest ageing populations in the UK with at least 25% of the population predicted to be over 65 by 2033. We are well placed to take a leadership role in how services such as ours have to adapt in the future, providing care models for the rest of the country. We needed to understand more about how we can work more effectively and smartly with our local communities and, in turn, make our money go further.

How can you get involved?

Fit 4 Future

The 'Fit for Future' review has concluded its formal consultation and will now consider recommendations. A series of community focus groups were held across the county that formed the basis of our review into how our care provision can be enhanced and made more efficient. We also gave everyone else in the county the chance to have their say, and these thoughts have been taken into account. Click here to see some of the feedback submitted.

Who is leading the review?

We established a specialist panel, chaired by one of our Vice Presidents, Lord Ashdown, which is made up of experts in palliative and end of life care community services, together with national charities, academia, the local authority, politicians and the local community.